Home Depot defines a Featured Review as a review that is exceptionally well written, exhibits good grammar and spelling, and has a significant amount of text with technical or practical detail.
Home Depot defines a Staff Reviewer as someone who works on behalf of Home Depot and has been identified as someone who understands the product from the company's perspective.
Home Depot defines an Expert Reviewer as someone who has written at least 5 reviews, has had consistently high helpfulness votes and a high average review text length.
Top 100 Contributor
Home Depot defines a Top Contributor as a site user that provides numerous, helpful product reviews. A reviewer's number of reviews and the helpfulness votes for each review are combined to determine the reviewer's rank.
Verified Purchaser
A review marked Verified Purchase indicates the customer who wrote the review was confirmed to have purchased the item from us. Customers reading these reviews may use the information to decide which reviews are most helpful in their decision. Contributors are given the option to include this badge if we are able to verify when submitting their review that they purchased the item from us.